• Boyd family home

    Charles Boyd claimed 600 acres for ranching in what is now Boyd Acres neighborhood.

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Valentine's Day isn't the only day to show your love and affection! Carpool Love is a new event that proves that good things happen to those who share. If you haven't thought about carpooling or haven't organized a carpool yet, get started on February 1st. Learn about how you can spread the Carpool Love (and win!)

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City Council Asks for Priorities

Transportation, Emergency Preparedness and Affordable Housing remain issues of concern for Boyd Acre residents and businesses.  The Board listed transportation needs for transit services, complete streets and sidewalks as two areas we wish to see improved.  
Secondly, we listed  the need to update the community's Emergency Response Plan and conduct an exercise so that every resident is prepared to evacuate if necessary in the event of wildland fire or other disaster. 

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In case your missed the meeting....

 The City of Bend is serious about adapting to climate change.  With the help of the Climate Action Steering committee, the city now has goals for cutting carbon emissions of government, business and residents over the next 10 to 30 years. 
Sustainability Coordinator Cassie Lacy and Committee member Russ Donnelly shared the goals for reducing energy use and waste in order to lessen our impact on the environment.

               Goals:    community wide 40% reduction of fossil fuels by 2030      50% reduction by 2050


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Welcome to Boyd Acres Neighborhood!

In Bend Oregon

Welcome to our neighborhood. Boyd Acres is one of 13 areas defined and funded by the City of Bend.  Boyd Acres Neighborhood Association (BANA) is NOT a Homeowners Association (HOA). Neighborhood Associations are mechanisms for communication between residents and the City Council.  Each association has a representative on the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance, an official city committee. 

BANA's boundaries are Hamby Road on the east and the Deschutes River to the west. The southern boundary is defined by Mt Washington Dr., the North Unit Irrigation Canal and Butler Market Rd.  The north boundary is north of Cooley Road. 

Bend is an incorporated city in Deschutes County, one of three counties that are often referred to as Central Oregon. Whether you are a prospective resident, visitor, a new or longtime resident, these pages and links will direct you to more information that will help you enjoy and deal with all the neighborhood has to offer.

Our neighborhood is named for Charles William Boyd, the iconic pioneer, who came to Central Oregon in 1904, drawn by the potential to grow his cattle business. He purchased six acres by the Deschutes River with prospects for a water wheel and dam. A year later his family joined him and eventually his holdings grew to 600 acres supplying beef across the region. The area became know for its ranching and timber industries. 

 BANA welcomes newcomers and long time residents to participate in our activities and meetings.  See Get Involved.

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Brown Bag meeting on Transportation Safety Action Plan

Jan 23rd,2019 ~

Bring your lunch to a noontime session on how to make Bend streets safer.

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City Hosts Transportation Workshop

Jan 24th,2019

BANA area residents are invited to Transportation Plan Workshop Jan. 24 6 - 7:30 p.m. in the Municipal Court Bldg. This is our opportunity to learn what is in the draft Transportation Plan and critique it.  Will the plan meet your needs?

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Transportation Plan Recommendations

Jan 30th,2019

The Transportation Advisory Committee has been discussing projects to be included int he City of Bend's updated Transportation Plan. They will announce the projects at a special meeting Wednesday, Jan 30.  9:30 a.m. in City Hall.

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