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City Hosts Transportation Workshop

Begins On: January 24th 2019
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: Municipal Court Bldg. 555 15th Street, Bend

The City of Bend is holding five public workshops for Bend’s Transportation Plan Jan. 23 – 31. Each of the five workshops will focus on a particular area of town (see attached map), but all community members are welcome at all workshops. The workshops will provide community members the opportunity to give input on how the City can make moving around neighborhoods safer and more convenient. The workshop for our area is Jan. 24 6 p.m.

 The first half hour of each workshop will be for attendees to review work that has been done on the transportation plan to date. The following two hours will be an active workshop where attendees will work together in small groups to provide input on neighborhood transportation needs. Attendees are asked to stay for the entire workshop, if possible, to contribute to all of the workshop activities.