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Transportation Forum Draws 70

Begins On: September 10th 2018
Ends On: September 13th 2018
Time: 6 -8 p.m.
Location: Elks Lodge, 63120 Boyd Acres Rd.

State Dept.of Transportation is continuing its search for Federal highway dollars by reapplying in October.  Money is a common issue for the City and State planners.  Some roads are beyond repair, said Karen Swirsky, senior planner with the City.  "They should be rebuilt."   And all of this must be done according to State requirements that work be fiscally responsible.                                                                                            For the first time in his experience, Tyler Deke, director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, said the MPO and City transportation plans are being conducted simultaneously.  "The Federal focus is on safety," Deke, told the group.  "We will be looking at mechanisms for reducing accidents on the mayor arterials such as Rts. 20 and 97.    

 ODOT needs $160 million to complete the North Bend project and $13 million for US 20 improvements.